I just registered for June Level I exam

Because it’s obvious I won’t pass tomorrow’s exam. I spent only 4 and a half days preparing for it. In the sample exam, I only got 42% correct. Sigh!

42% is respectable for only 4 1/2 days study.

Do not say that, give it a try! You can still do it.

oh well, as someone said before, just view tomorrows test as a really really expensive practise exam

there’s only gain to be had if you sit for tomorrow’s exam. other than lost time

I laughed when I read that. Man, you’re hosed. On the bright side, statistically there’s always the odd that you might guess right enough times to scrape by, in which case you earn the ULTIMATE bragging rights for life. How sick would that be? Not to mention, I’m in the same boat and I thought 2 months was bad. And like somebody ^^^ said, 42% after 4.5 days is actually pretty respectable.

as I’ve also said in another post… random luck will pass you 1 out of a about a googol times if u just walked in and fill out random letters… but stat only tell you the probability… YOU could be the one to do that… good luck!

really? 42% is resepectable? you get a base of 25% by knowing nothing, with some common sense and everyday knowledge, I would expect about a 30-35% just by not studying at all.

You only gave it 4.5 days?! Don’t you know it takes AT LEAST 6 days to prepare for the CFA?!?!

lawl dude i advise taking it once since you have already paid for it you know.

I’m going to use 6 months to prepare for the June exam.

you should wait until you get the results. 42% with only 4 days of study is not bad at all. GOOD LUCK, it is really clear that you will really need it more then anyone else in this forum, but you never know, you maybe the one.

How can you be registered for two CFA tests at the same time?