I just want to let the world know I hate FSA!

I hate it with a passion. There is no real logic behind, so it’s not like I can reason things out if I don’t remember how to do it. If I fail because of FSA i’ll be so mad. FSA was the only portion in the level 1 that I did not get 70+ (and i spent the most time on FSA for level 1) Maybe i should just bet on Equity Valualation/Fixed income/PM? FSA is just not improving much…always scoring around low 60% on FSA topics. Any suggestions, other than to keep working at it?

fsa is important… dont give up on that part… there are 5 main sections interco inv pensions translation business combinations synthesis then there are some minor areas… but make sure you know thiose big ones… what section cant you nail down?

Ok it’s not any particular section. Like some item sets i’ll score 5/6…then 1/6 and it’s just not consistent. I think synthesis is probably what I can’t get down. I just can’t synthesize the financial statements hahaha. Probably also pension accounting. A CFA in my office told me to know my strengths down cold. Because surface knowledge in the level 2 doesn’t pay off as well as it did for the level 1. So he actually suggested that I stop getting hung up on my weaknesses. I dunno how good that advice is really…but it is starting to look like good advice :stuck_out_tongue:

‘A CFA in my office’… remember this is a violation of the Standards of Professional Conduct: Standard VII. RESPONSIBILITIES AS A CFA INSTITUTE MEMBER OR CFA CANDIDATE :slight_smile: (fighting with FSA here as well)

Synthesis Has to be the one thing that screws me all the time. I have a feeling its too late to do anything about it. I just can’t grasp it. How do you do it, memorize everything ?

do you guys even know we need to retroactive stating the carrying value if we switch from cost method to equity method (e.g. change in equity position) for a subsidiary? schweser didnt even mention a shlt about this… if you guys gona read some text… i think u ll hate it more :slight_smile:

Kelly how about Derivatives? There’s no logic behind those formulas either :slight_smile:

No Derivatives are SO MUCH better than FSA. Not to say I find derivatives are easy but normally i can use reason my way through those formulas and understand why they are set up the way they are. It’s just takes some time to get it conceptually down. But FSA…i dunno…my brain just doesn’t work that way. i can’t fully grasp it.