I keep coming back here...

LOL … old habits are hard to break

…some harder than others. 1 year removed and i’m still here. i’m what you call a loser.

You don’t have to break good habits.

include me in the “loser” camp. I know that CFAI will email us the date that exam results are to be released, yet I come here hoping someone already got the email and will share the date. sad…sad indeed. that said, it is a relief to come to AF not looking for details on calculating the PV of a fwd contract.

C-Kid = loser. My secret hope – much like ^cfafa – is that someone will spot a tell @ CFAI.org or an email or something that leaks the secret early…

Historically the people with irresistible obsession like this have turned out to be either a serial killer or a congressman. Let’s hope for the later one in our case.


I think I expect to look here one day and there will magically be a link for getting early test results or something…

bigbadaboom Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU AF! +1