I know I'm not the only one that doesn't know what "Bump" means

What does it mean when someone posts a message and then someone replies with the word “bump”. Am I just not enough of a message board geek to figure this one out? I know I’m not the only one trying to figure that out.

It “bumps” it to the top of the forum

Bump. Just kidding. Why would someone want to do that?

Well if you post something and it starts to fall because noone is responding you just give a self indulged “bump” and people usually feel guilty and will say something.

Best not to overdo the bumping tho… if it takes more than one or two bumps, it’s not likely to be answered.

I say bump until someone says something, From now until August it fair game in here. Closer to exam time and excess bumping can get you hurt.

sometimes it’s funny if being done wisely, overdoing it is annoying though

Thanks Forum Lurker I was wondering what that meant but was too embarrassed to ask. You aren’t the only one. Showing my age :slight_smile: