I know this is a long shot but are there any tips & tricks out there?

My scores in a few topics are pretty low and although I’ve been working hard to catch mistakes and do some drills, I haven’t seen much of an improvement

Here are my scores:

Equity 58% FSA 56% Economics


Did anyone have a simliar problem? How did you overcome it? Is there anything I can do beyond reviewing each chapter and doing as many practice problems as possible?

I appreciate any suggestions you may have :slight_smile:

My scores in those sections were lower than yours a few weeks ago and I was able to bump them each up around 20% (give or take). They’re still difficult though. If I were you I would focus on FSA because that’s the biggest bang for your buck considering the # of exam questions it takes up.

What helped me was printing out qbank quizzes and going through them afterwards with a red pen making notes and such. Also, I would make an list of principles you keep missing for each section. For example, I kept missing questions about how to tell if monetary policy is expansionary/contractionary based on the neutral rate. Eventually, you just learn it. If you’re fried with practice problems I would go through old mock exams and make sure you know the principles behind the questions you missed/guessed on.

What would you regard as some of your biggest strength areas?

I think with a little bit of care, one may be able to seperate out each reading text into two distinct group

Group A – Areas where you have solid understanding

Group B – Areas where you get easily confused.

Grouping my FSA this way, just this morning, I found that the biggest issue i had with FSA was that i couldn’t properly differentiate how each Asset/Liability should be recorded on the Balance sheet and i sometimes mix them up, So i set out a task to understand just this single concept by making a table of assets/liabilities and a column stating how each item is recorded in the Balance sheet…how they are impaired…and under what conditions are gains/losses recognized in the Income statement/Other comprehensive income.

Some other things I’m doing at the moment:

I have currently torn out the EOC summary pages in each of the CFAI textbooks and stapled them together. I have found that this serves as an incredible “handy booklet” as i can pretty much review an entire subject e.g FSA, under 40 minutes while assimilating some of the most important points. Also, I have these "handy booklets with me when reviewing questions, and I have found that several questions can actually be solved with information from the EOC summary pages.

I also make sure that i have gone through most LOS that says “Calculate” to ensure that i can actually perform the said calculation without having to look up many formulas. As much as possible, i will like to make any questions that involve calculation a “bonus point” on the exam, and then hope i still have enough memory left to recall some theoretical concepts.

I’m putting a lot of hard work on my derivatives, corporate finance and alternative…while individually, these account for smaller units, they could serve as a very strong hedge combined, against my weakness in economics.

Probably too late to help you.