I like Corporate Finance

I think Corporate Finance is much easier than FSA. For FSA, I was reading and reading but didn’t get the point. Any similar feeling?

Guess you need to be an investment banker not an equity analyst.

I think the part on Capital Structure in that section got me all mind boggled. And yes, I did find it terrible when I was doing it as an undergrad. That was one section I could not get, and all I did was to memorize the formulae

i am doing CF now but the readings are long… i have only done reading 31 & 32 thus far… but i think that corp gov is a topic we will see a vignette on…i took L1 in dec and was in shock when i came accross about 5 -8 corp gov questions

I was frustrated with a huge portion of FSA until the last reading that deals with adjusting Westvaco’s financial statements. That’s when all of a sudden everything started making sense.

CF is a way better than FSA unless ur an accounting major.

bring them on both…I hate Deriv and FI…

Agreed…That section on mergers and acquisitions is probably the most interesting thing I have read thus far.