I like watching commercials

At home, in the bar with no sound, anywhere

i like seeing which companies are advertising and the production value. volume of advertising is interesting to me too. just so many factors

Really for any industry too except big pharma

^ You don’t like those Viagra commercials with the MILF’s?

I like turtles, but you don’t see me starting threads to brag about this.

^ Don’t be ashamed or your turtle like.

we like sportz!

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I, too, enjoy analyzing how a $$billion dollar company spends millions of dollars trying to entice a certain demographic to buy their product/service in 30 second increments. Then there are the 30-minute infomercials airing after midnight, which are a completely different breed. And don’t get me started with taglines.

So the next time you’re watching commercials, try to study/analyze/appreciate the art behind it. Chances are, there was a lot of imagination/work/effort that went into it all.

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I too find them interesting both to watch & analyse. :stuck_out_tongue:

wait. hashtag guys makes comments that aren’t hashtags? does this mean i can hate analysis?

try John Oliver… super hilarious

I’m a little bit dissapointed in you ohai. But hey, you’re right. Maybe my verbiage was mistaken. I could have said “I like to analyze commercials”, but analyst jargon often bleeds ‘watch’ and ‘analyze’. So in a room full of analysts I said “watch”. I like to watch stocks. I like to watch commercials. etc etc etc #hashtag gets it

it depends on the assumptions and controls of a username since hashtag is not limited to only making hashtags, your like/dislike is not necessarily put into consideration. hashtag likes hashtagging, but is not only limited to hashtagging. you have the option to hate analysis if you opt to hate it. maybe you will hate analysis later and then your handle will be a permanent reminder of your former stance. or perhaps you do hate analysis and selecting a handle that says you like it is a way of you being facetious. since I think you do like analysis, this is just the confirmation that you are pointing out an anomaly, however small it may be. furthermore, anomalies are some of the crumbs that lead to analysts making decisions.

AF is apparently a Dear Diary to some people

The Water Cooler is a Dear Diary to AF #evertalkedatthewatercooleratwork

successful analysis. i like it.

and it should be. As a boardmember, you should realize that on www.analystforum.com there are certain high volume and low volume aspects of the site. Sponsors like volume and actually pay volume or per click on advertising. Water Cooler is increasing the volume. It spawned out of CFA General Discussion upon demand and is more appropriately titled “Water Cooler” as it is general topic. Your sole source of income is most likely sponsors who like volume even on Water Cooler. I mean what does Boardmember even mean at this site? Do you have monthly call conferences or something? Or is it strictly limited to compliance (banning people for breaking rules)?

anyone see the Jennifer Anniston one for Emirates airlines — pretty well done or the one where Cadillac took a stance on LGBT by the talk of that story of the boy who liked dolls and his mother gave him freedom with a closing ‘Take Confidence’ by Cadillac. wtf Cadillac.​

Bach had a turtle?

hmmm I’m not sure if Bach had a turtle, but did know he used to write AMDG on some compositions on the corner, meaning _ Ad maiorem Dei gloriam _​ "For the Greater Glory of God"​ He believed he created his works to glorify God. ​