I literally had about two hours sleep before the exam!

I finished all study around 3pm Friday, spent the rest of the day at the hotel near the exam hall, watching TV and drunk a late cup of coffee (which i never do) . I then went to bed early at 9pm, but had absolutely no sleep. I tried everything to get me to sleep -played soft music, corporate governance audio, watched old/dirty/boring/ foreign movies ,tried meditation etc, but cudnt find sleep at all. I have never had exam anxiety before nor sleep problems before; and i couldnt belief what was happening to me. I finally slept at around 5am and woke up at 7am… I’m was so frustrated for taking that late cup of coffee. The rest of the day i drank 3 cups of coffee before each exam to keep me awake…and fortunately i wasnt tired during the exam and i found the overall exam fair; the morning paper harder though esp the economics, afternoon paper straight forward except the portofolio management section. After the exam i went straight to the hotel and slept 12 hours and vowed to never take coffee in my system a day before an exam ever again! What an ordeal!

haha caffeine is kind of your own fault (don’t hate me) but that still sucks.

before L1 my neighbours had a domestic dispute… I didn’t want to call the cops as that would mean even less sleep than i got anyway, if you were anything like me, you were completely wired for the exam tired or not :slight_smile:

Same here but I didn’t drink caffeine or anything!! If I failed it’s goanna be anxiety for sure that took A LOT of my concentration.

I got 3.5 hours of sleep before the exam. Thank God for red bull

I gave up getting to sleep naturally before CFA exams, and just rely on a lighter form of valium (Loprezam). Still with it, I didn’t get to sleep until 12:30, but was grateful for 6 hours of sleep, compared to the 3 hours I got the year before. It really sux going into a 6 hour exam with fewer than 5-6 hours of sleep.

I had this exact problem last year in June for level 1 and slept a max of 2 hours and was a zombie during the exam, failed band 9, then in december I took a lorazopan pill (probably spelled that wrong) to calm me down, slept 7 hours and passed level 1 with almost all 70%+. This year for level 2 I stopped studying friday at 4pm, went for a 4 mile run, went to dinner with my girlfriend, went home and took a lorazopan, slept like a baby for 8 hours, went for a 2 mile run when I woke up and felt like a million dollars walking into the exam. I actually had never felt better in my life as I did that morning, probably why I feel like I did so well on the morning section.

i slept about 6 hours, ate a good breakfast, and then managed to unclog the toilet that the kids had stopped up from using an entire roll of toilet paper before heading to the exam.

oh the joys of parenthood…

Yes, Loprezam is good stuff if you don’t use it very often, it’s a light valium, and really takes the edge off.

I used to use Ambien the night before exams or other critical events. Unfortunately, if I didn’t go right to sleep and tried to read for a while, I would often wake up after an hour or so and sleepwalk. Actually, I would end up trying to get romantic with my wife, and would act like I’m almost drunk. Not something I’d recommend.

I remember playing the game “fight the ambien” w my cousins. Everyone would take 2 and whoever lasts the longest wins. Very fun game, too bad I never won.

exactly … i slept around 1.5 hours and my memory and concentration were not helping me in 2nd session