I love my bartender

She is so amazing

Im pretty deep in margaritas but still

She lives in Long Beach but works in OC … so amazing

Big tits ACE?

You want your long beach in her OC, amiright? Wait what.

yes yes you know everything

Does she work at the Cannery? Get it? The CANnery.

Heres hoping you both wake up to a Tequila Sunrise

I hope you put th

I love motorboating

I love you

I wish all women looked like bartenders.

Like I’m way hotter than her and she knows it but still…

i love you man

Thanks you

Huge… tracts of land, you say?

did you smash?

lol i can only imagine she loves you as a customer. Trust fund baby who is full of himself probably talking about his lifes journey and “finding himself”

Shes playing you like a sap and youre gonna give her a fat tip, and not the D kind.

so real talk. those waitresses that serve drinks in the club with the skimpy outfits. do you guys hit on them? i often try because they’re typically hot but once i find out they work there, i just stop cuz i figure they are working and not there to have fun and prolly get harassed often.

I was on a rooftop bar this one time, and the waitress had a tube top kind of outfit. I observed that when it was hot, she would roll down the outfit to expose more of her assets, but an hour or so later when it got cold, she could roll it back up to provide insulation. Seems like a good strategy.

Also, I am learning that you should not wear suit or sport coat to NY bars, unless you want people to talk to you. There is always some guy who is their alone on business trip or maybe because their wife kicked them out. Somehow, if you wear more professional clothing, they assume you are a kindred person. I guess the female bartenders also are nicer to you, but they just assume you will tip more.