I got some SWEEEEEEEEEEEET Canadian assets this morning! GOD BLESS CANADA! Thank you thank you thank you.

Hard to tell if you’re being sarcastic or serious as there were some amazing bargains to be had this morning.

He bought RIM @ $60 and Agrium at 4 or 3.5x earnings. Willy

No, I bought a little E&P that I sold long ago. It has incredible netbacks. Incredible land. Incredible leadership. The CEO frequently buys shares for his children.

Care to say which one? I have a few in mind that I think it could be but they are all looking super attractive at these levels.

I’m pretty sure I have it narrowed down. Is the CEO also a CFA? Willy

No, the ceo is not a CFA! He’s a bonafide oil&gas geek. The company has a 4 letter name and is active in Alberta, B.C. and Sask. They have grown reserves per share by 50%/year since inception. They’ve been operating in their current form since 2003. When I can’t buy anymore, I’ll tell you the name because inevitably the share price will drop another 20%.

OPTI. Nice…good luck. Willy

It’s Crew Energy. Solid company. I bought some earlier today too :slight_smile:

Anybody in Shore Gold? Gotta give some props to my dad’s buddy and the hometown crew in S’toon!

Good job Kcin! I also bought a tiny bit of some KOG with speculative money. Email me if you want some notes on it: musicslut@yahoo.com

contagion, contagion, contagion…I love contagion!