I love you Schweser Lady

I find myself falling in love with the Schweser Lady on the front of the Schweser books. She’s so sexy with her suit. Today is the last day of my temp job. I am collecting unemployment until the test and then looking for a job.

nice i’m not too fond of her

I don’t even dig too many Asian chicks (I think a lot of them are actually lady boys), but she’s grown on me, and I’ve grown on her, if you catch my drift. Eh? Eh?

Hey it beats the hell out of that guy on the cover of the Dec 2008 Level 1 book.

LOL. Maybe we can get Schweser to issue the equivalent of the Pirelli calendar, with only CFA candidates in it. As long as Dr. Andrew Holmes and the Dec 2008 dork are not in it…

rellison Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Hey it beats the hell out of that guy on the cover > of the Dec 2008 Level 1 book. was it that guy in a suit that was grinning at his screen all excited to study, with a schweser video in the background? Schweser lady was definitely a plus compare to that guy.

naze_duck just gave me deja vu. http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?1,906802,page=1 Actually, now that I think about it – forget the Schweser girl. We’ve got to get Genevieve Roch-Decter on AF somehow. I think she’s a candidate. Check her out: Go to 33:27 ~ http://broadband.bnn.ca/?vid=49283

The asian girl on the back of the stalla books is 100x better haha

when I take the subway in the morning, most of the train is packed with asians. I’m white. They give me stares when they see me read the books.

She has clean skin and teeth most def.

My standards have been erased. Susan Boyle looks attractive right now

susan Boyle is hot and you know it. Actually, L2 Schweser girl beats the hell out of last years L1 schweser guy. He sucked and made me want to punch him every time I studied. I should add that it sucks to be an L3 candidate. They have some other dude on the cover of their book. Losers! We get Lucu Lu to keep us company.

Does somebody want to draft a letter to Schweser to try and figure out who she is?

get to study, you intelligent perverts! less than a month left! :slight_smile: actually, that mediterranian[is he?] guy is no so bad in L1 cover lol

i dont car what yall say. the hottest CFAI sponsored person was that Russian chick charter holder. I think she might have been on a train in the material. It was in the materials they sent you. remember with that asian guy in the cart?

russian chicks are hot and easy to get 'em

w/ your personal ads, askark, i’m sure you could get any woman

also, schweser lady is lot cuter than SkipE99’s mom, that’s for sure but then again, you get what you pay for ($1/night)

sub. are you still upset that I pwned you the other day? i am sorry. its what i do with noobs.

the lady on the cover is cute