I might miss the exam - what can I do?

I was in an accident today - I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. My left leg is broken in 2 places and I don’t think I will be discharged they said they need to monitor for infections. What do I do?

Sorry to hear about that. That sucks. Just give the CFA Institute a ring and explain your situation. They’ll grant you some compassion. Just keep your finger on the morphine drip.

You do what you can physically can. If you can make it then great if not then good thing level 1 has another exam in december. I am not sure but in such case you might be able to contact CFA and explain your situation to get it done free for next time. Get well soon.

You may also want to talk to your doctor about it. Make sure he knows that there is a huge cost to your not being discharged by Saturday. Only a doctor can truly evaluate the risk. They are also trained to make trade-offs between risks and ‘quality of life’. (here I am getting all CFA-y about medical treatment). PS: I realized the anti-CFA-ness about using the phrase CFA to form other pseudo-words.

Tradeoffs- that made me laugh. I will speak to them tomorrow but I am not sure whether I can move post op. I feel so glum - I hope everyone does well whether I am there or not.

I’m so sorry to hear about this and truly feel for you. Take care of yourself. You’ll take the exam when the time is right. It may be Saturday, and it may not be Saturday. That is out of your control. You are blessed to have this concern, your injuries could be a lot worse. take care of you. best wishes.

hang in there. it’s only a test. your health and recovery are much more important. been there before so kind of know what your going through. it sucks, but you will recover.

Sorry to hear that friend. We always have options in life and fortunately in this case it won’t matter much whether u attempt this saturday-exam or not… you can always clear it in Dec-09 and join us for June-10. At the end, it’s all the same. Discuss with doctors and take a wise decision. All the best and take care.

Treat yourself to a sponge bath on Sat while all our asses are falling asleep from sitting down for 6 hours. Take the Dec exam. I had a medical issue and they refunded and allowed me to reregister. They dont defer.

I asked for a deferral this year for the L3 exam due to some family issues (child with extremely serious medical issues). When I called, they said to send them an email with the specifics of your situation and put “Request for Deferral” in the header. Use their “info@cfainstitute.org” email address, and they will consider your request and get back to you within a couple of days. They will make no commitments over the phone (in fact, they won;t even give you any indication). In my case they granted it.

so sorry to hear about that, hope you feel better soon. First take care of yourself and leave the worries. May be the time is not right. I understand the pain of studying, and then not being able to sit for the exam. my best wishes for your future.

Sounds like if you have doctor’s notes, x-rays and proofs, etc., you’ll get your deferral granted. Unless I hurt my head or broke my right hand, I probably will go take the exam haha

Sorry to hear that bud, just work on recovering, the exam will be here when you get back.

Sorry to hear that. Hope to recover soon and tackle this.

Aah crap, of the things that could happen. Glad to here it is only your leg and not worse. Don’t worry about it to much, pretty sure CFAI will let you move the exam date to Dec 09. CFA is a year 3 - 4 year journey so it is not the end of the world. Best of luck and remember to let us know how you are sometime next week.

ohh man that’s a bad situation I was a band 10 in December and it has been agony waiting until June! i’d write it if you possibly can infections aren’t something to be messed with though

I’m sure they’ll let you move it to Dec. Plus if im sure youd be violating a standard of practice if you were under the influence of morphine when taking the exam.

I hope you get better soon!

Feel better soon!

Your situation is truly unfortunate, but don’t worry about it. In the grand scheme of things, you’ll have plenty of time to take it again. Just a test. Thank goodness you are still alive to take it. My dad died last year right beforehand; the CFAI was amazingly professional about it. If you have documentation and a reasonable explanation, I have no doubt that CFAI will be very understanding. Take care of yourself and get well. See you in December!