I missed to shade the candidate no. ovals on paper 1

I did not even realize that there were candidate no. shading ovals on the top right of answer sheet. But I did fill in my candidate no. & name. Also shaded my name ovals. I realized during the 2nd paper when the proctor noticed it and told me to fill it. And i got this shock in paper 2. Do the proctors check for everything to be filled up on answer sheets before submitting? I really need serious advices and no jokes bcos i am too tensed about it. If i fail bcos of this that is really going to wipe out my 6mnths+ hardwork. Has someone faced this in the past and advice what happens in this case?

I think you need not worry just send a mail to CFA Institute thats it I think your exam will be graded in usual manner

You shouldnt fail mate… like destination says, send an email… did you tell this to the proctor after you realised it, bcoz i think they can have some note with the paper and stick some marks on the paper if you miss it and they observe it…

I found an old post of some discussion on this and they had also adviced to call cfa institue or mail them. Please advice on what id should I send a mail to? would it be info@cfainstitute.org or some other id? And also what center contacts do i call for? I see so many numbers on their website.

Thanks for your support guys… a little relief feeling. My proctor pointed out to me in the 2nd exam and I said that i had missed it on my 1st exam too. But he said it is ok. I thought that he said that to just relief my stress and take the exam properly. After the exam i could not get in touch with the same proctor but spoke to another one around and the lady said that someone might have noticed this probably. But that probably still remained in my head? bang bang bang… Now what email or nos to contact?