I need Advice for remaining 6 days

Hey guys I’m trying to come up with the best game plan to pass this thing. I’ve taken two Elan mocks scoring 55 on the first and 61 on the second. About to take CFAI mock tomorrow. I feel my strengths are FRA, FI, PM, and Corp Finance. I feel ok with Econ, Equity. I’m weak on Ethics, Quant Derivatives and AI. Assuming the mock confirms this tomorrow, how would you go about studying? Obviously I’ll hit ethics but what about Derivatives and A.I? I don’t think I can bomb 8% of the exam But at the time I feel I should dedicate that time to Ethics and FRA. I don’t wanna make a bad move here. I have Tuesday through Friday off. Thanks

I guess you are in good shape if one of your strengths is FRA whichc as you would know is 20% of the exam.

I think it would be a good idea to sepand an hour or two going over the big main concepts in Deriv and AI. There are some questions that you would be able to easily answer if you just took some time to read the concepts.

Just remember that you don’t need to get everything correct to pass the exam. Go over the big important topics and hopefully most of the questions would be on those topics.

Good luck