I need an expert advice “ I’m an Engineer”

Hi everyone,
I am an electrical engineer about to graduate after one month from now, in my middle years in college I discovered my interest in Economic/Finance sector. I truly want to switch my career earlier before i get into the engineering sector and I don’t think i have now enough money or appealing resume to do a MBA from a reputed institute, so I decided to do CFA and I was wondering is doing CMA before doing CFA is beneficial and will help me to land an internship/training in the industry and would experience in CMA be considered for CFA to be chartholder ? and is CMA knowledge will be like a good foundation for CFA before going after it ? because I heard CMA is easier than CFA and also it involved in the decision making process but more accounting related, also I don’t want to stick to accountant roles I want jobs in research sector as financial analyst, investment analysts etc, so my plan is passing CMA to be equipped with enough knowledge and work and move my way into finance roles slowly is that great Idea ? or I should start CFA and skip CMA and if that true what is the best way to get good foundation knowledge before i dig into CFA materials as i am an engineering background? so i truly seek an expert advice from people in the industry and could guides me properly and even if there’s an engineers out there could help me. I would be thankful for you all. and may god bless you humanity and save us all from this crisis.

You should go about with the CMA course as it will take only 6 months to complete. It is very less comprehensive in comparison to CFA or any other finance and accounting course. It will be a good exposure for you in accounting.