I need some advice

For my #3 receiver should I start Braylon Edwards vs The Giants on Monday. Or Wes Welker @ SD. I know Welker is the safe pick for 8-12 points…but I can’t help but feel Edwards will break it out big one of these weeks.

braylon has a permanent spot on my bench

Definately Welker. The Gmen are tough on D and the Chargers can’t seem to stop anything these days. I know this because they are my D, and they are killin me. Keep in mind you are taking advice from someone who is off to a fantastic 0-5 start this year. How do you go from league champ to 0-5. Brutal.

I am 4-1 and league champ last year. I am still going with Braylon.

I refuse to start Braylon. Derek Anderson was a one-year hero, and they have no run game meanings the Giants will always be looking for the pass.

I’m going Braylon this week. He and his QB had a nice talk this week, and is ready to stop sucking. I traded Donald Driver for Baylon. Why? I think he is too talented to be this bad! Braylon for Treasury Secretary!

Aaron Rodgers or Kyle Orton?

Rodgers no matter who either is playing.

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LT or Thomas Jones?? I hate to bench LT, but TJ against the Bengals might be the better matchup…???

They way the Bengals played last week I can see them carrying that over to this week so it could be a high scoring game. The Chargers are so unpredictable so it is hard to say how that game will go. Last season they started really slow so this could be there week to turn it around and LT may play a big part of that. I would go with the safe choice in LT.

I’d go with Welker too. Sure, Braylon could break out, but his QB sucks and until someone takes down the Giants, I won’t bet on anyone breaking out against them.

I’ve got Greg Jennings, Cotchery and Ike Hilliard for WR…Boldin is on my bench and I hope from week 8, he will be earning at least 15 points/game for me.

I cannot believe I started Le’Ron McClain in my flex spot and sat Edwards. Can anything go right?

I cannot believe I started Le’Ron McClain in my flex spot and sat Edwards. Can anything go right?