I need some advice!

Hi Guys I need some advice! Have a master degree in Finance and accounting (graduated 2008) and passed CFA level one at June 2009. Thereafter hold a position as a Financial manager in a small cap medical company. I Had a plan to acheive CFA level 2 at june 2010 but it didn’t work due to a lot of responsibility and louded of tasks at work, have worked almost overtime most of the days! Now after 1.5 years i see myself in a dilema of whether i should quit my job from September 2011 and put my focus on CFA level 2 june 2012 or just continue the same task at a same company for a while more?? I am a 28 year old girl and got married and have a plan of not getting any child for the coming 2-3 years. I need your advice guys! Thanks.

I do not think that anyone would advise you to quit your full time job to take the CFA Level 2, especially in this job market.

if you start studying now for June 2012 exam, I think it is doeable even with a full time job. A lot of people do the same with less time and passed. The question is if you have a master in finance and work as a financial manager, what do you need CFA for? It is even more puzzling that you would want to quit your job for the exam.

^ Yes, agreed. you should be able to pass if starting now.

keep your job and manage your time well! You can do it!

Thanks Starbuk, Suny, Iteracom and Passem for the advices. As i said the company is a small Cap company that has totally 6 fulltime employees located in Sweden. The thing that I am most concern about is that even though the titel of the job is Financial Manager but most of it is bookkeeping, making monthly and quarterly balance sheet and income statements repports. Beside of these it is me who takes care of salaries, payments, … So what I feel is that maybe I should make a priority to my CFA studies to finish them at once and then get a job in a stock market field. So how you guys see that now!?

If I were you, I would try to figure out what career I want to pursue. “A job in a stock market field” is very broad. There are jobs that dont need CFA. Besides, CFA is a great CV and career booster, but it doesnt guarantee you a job. My 2 cents.

If you can start in Sept. 2011, that leaves you 9 months to study for level 2. You couldn’t squeeze 1.5 to 2 hours a day during weekday (including lunch hour), or 3, 4 hours during weekend. That would give you plenty of time for study without quitting your full time job. Planning is the key!

Honestly, I think you’ll need a lot of help at home and support from family. i.e. Eating, laundry, cleaning the house, etc…will have to be done by someone else. I know someone who did levels 1,2, and 3 all the first time, and during those 3 years, he had 2 more kids, for a total of 6 kids altogether! He gives a lot of credit to his extremely supportive wife.

To be honest i do not think that i have such a support at home. Everything is shared :frowning:

Hi there, Of course you can do it! Most of us do this, work and study in the same time. Maybe if you thought of giving up your job means that you dont really like it that much and yes, in this case you should take a step back and review what you want to do for the long run.

Hi there… Maybe u can also start looking for other job opportunitiess… most of teh ppl clear cfa levels while pursuing a job… and theres a lot of time for june 2012… … I am too planning for june 2012… its definitely doable…!!!

Hi Nitoha, I would keep the job and put the cfa on hold, Job = Money & Experiences, both of these will outweight more than finishing up Level 2 CFA whether in lifestyle or in future career, atleast in my own opinion. By the way, this is actually what I’m doing now, putting level 2 on hold indefinitely.

You can do this, I am also in similar situation working fulltime as a software consultant, busy at work most of the days and 2 kids. Passed level 1 in Jun 10 and trying for level 2 in Jun 11.