I need to get a temperature read on certain words

is pu$sy a bad word to describe a wimpy person. if so what are other alternatives I can use that is pretty high key, but at the same time low key cool. many thx
i always thought ■■■■■ is a cat. so if i say quit being a scared ■■■■■. i was in effect saying scardey cat.

Is this part of your official MBA curriculum??? :man_facepalming:

Ay, mijo… :roll_eyes:

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I always favor the following when describing this kind of person:

— Low intensity
— Low octane
— milquetoast
— beta
— cupcake

ohhh beta sounds good. cupcake will bring the alphabet soup to your door.

You lost in the sauce bruh.

Just say it sarcastically and you’re good.

What is the alphabet soup?

i may have said i wear my heart on my sleeves and live a pretty open kimono lifestyle. it drew some gasps and chuckles. lol