I need to stop

coming on here so much. I felt good once I left the test center, but all of the posts are starting to make me more and more nervous. I need to pace myself or this will be a long month and a half. Just curious. I feel like a zombie. Is anyone else having trouble going to bed and also sleeping in? I cannot do it. I guess my body is programmed. You never realize how many hours are in the day when you don’t really have anything to do, haha

Yes. I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation. It’s time to dust off the social rolodex and enjoy life once more. I almost considered taking a Schweser mock exam yesterday. How crazy is that? I’m a CFA junkie.

hAHAH, same here! I find myself trying to do practice questions at work! Trying to condition myself back into having a life!

Yes I am having some serious difficulties staying busy. I am taking the CAIA soon so I just filled that into the whole. I think we can term this post-exam depression…or post-exam anxiety…whichever buzz word you wish to use.

Haha. I like post-exam depression. Glad there is a name for it! And Chuck, I didn’t even think about doing that and that is crazy. But for some reason, I am kind of intrigued on how I would do, haha. I suppose if I get really bored later I will take one and post my results, haha

You are definitely not alone. I feel the same way. Now that I have time again it’s time to work off the gut that was built by my In-n-Out, red bull and Starbucks craze during the last couple months leading up to the test. One thing the test has really done for me is it’s made me much more productive. Like Raw said, you don’t realize how many hours you have in a day until you don’t have anything to do.

I’m actually trying to weed myself off red-bull now that i’ve had a steady diet for 2 months. Ensuing headaches and drowsiness for the last 2 days have been brutal. Feeling a bit better today after a solid workout.

I am right there with you. I was going to Costco and buying the 24 packs they have there. I haven’t had any since Saturday. I have felt out of it and have those headaches too. I want to have another one, but I don’t wanna fall off the wagon, haha @marjuhrene. I feel ya. I have been going to the gym consistently but it was half-ass workouts. If I was in there for an hour I felt like I was wasting time I should be studying. By the way, In and Out is so good. The lady at Carl’s Jr. knows my order by heart now… I stopped going a few weeks ago. I figured that was as good a sign as any, haha

I am also trying to stop coming to this forum…too addicted…I don’t think I will be able to enjoy much now after finding out my mistakes on the test

This is my first time back to the forum in awhile, just weed yourself off it. Let the Dec-09ers have there turn.

I weighed myself this morning and lost 10lbs over the last month and a half. Not drinking heavily for long periods of time apparently does wonders to the human body. On the bright side, I can now add 10 lbs of beer gut and the misses will never know.

Ok I was resisting this post but here goes… I’m totally attemptin to break my addiction to this forum. I should ask crackheads for advice. The IFRS/GAAP madness just totally put me over the edge yesterday. What a ^*&%up if that was the case. Yes, of course I remember the newsletter but for most of the questions it would indicate GAAP/IFRS. If I missed a glaring warning on the exam then I have nobody to blame but myself. If this was my profession and I was dealing with other people’s money then maybe not reading one sentence would mean disaster. So I should pay more attention to what I’m doing! Thanks CFAI - lesson learned! I do recall a COUPLE where the answer would have been completely different - but not too many. And I know I ROCKED the others (in this section at least). So with yet another HORRIBLE night’s sleep last night I’ve just let this puppy go. Let it go…BYE! Economics is seriously giving me an ulcer. I’m tired of feeling like crap! Next stop after work - gym and home cooked meal!! And wine, or course. Must have the wine. Sure, we could all have done something different with our prep - but overall I’m satisfied with my effort and more so for even setting this goal for myself. We should all feel that way to some degree. Measured in time, effort, concentration, and motivation - there is nothing easy about this exam. We all have an example of someone that was GROSSLY unprepared…and those people are NOT on this forum. Hold your heads up people! Also - none of us knows CRAP at this point!! You never know what a good guesser you were or what else could have happened on test day! We’ll know NOTHING until results day which as we know is 753 years from now on July 28th! Many of us will move on to L2. Many others will re-take L1. We’ll know more about which group we belong to on July 28th. And the madness will begin again. The way I see it - I surely better take advantage of this time because they may just be the closest thing to freedom that I’m going to have for a while! In the meantime - anyone know of a good buddhist temple to hide out in??? ; ) seriously people - I’m really just venting here. It is my sincere hope that we’ve all passed after hangin out on this forum for the last 6months alongside most of you. We deserve a break - let’s take advantage of it. Life is *truly* short! we should have a *virtual* AF happy hour today…

I am also feeling post-exam depression or whatever you want to call it. I feel sleepy, less energetic, slight headache. Funny thing is I was fine on exam day. Luckily all these symptoms started after the exam was over.

I felt okay on Saturday, bit tired on Sunday. Then I felt horrible on Monday, coffee + soda couldn’t help me stay focused at work. Well, I’m fine now :slight_smile:

Slorte, I can understand being a bit nervous, but come on now. I’ve seen your participation in the forums, and you had this test nailed to the wall. I remember the “trick” questions for IFRS on the exam and there was 3 total. There was 2 in the morning session and 1 in the afternoon. If 3 questions break your exam score you should be happy you have the time to refresh on it before L2. Otherwise, I think you are in solid shape. Hit the gym, find a good finance book to quench your finance knowledge and veg out with some wine on the deck. Seriously, If you fail I am definitely going to fail. And trust me, I didn’t fail that exam.