i need your advices

hello laids and gentel mens

Firstly, just now i finshed the FRA, but i when i return to the early chabters i facing some difficulties to remamber everything, so do you advice me to restudying the whole book again in deatil or just start sovle the problems??

Second, from where i can get the best practice problems, because im confused about the large numbers of ADS of various institutes and entities which claims it’s the best for the preperation for cfa level 1?

thank you, and have a nice day :slight_smile:

no advices??

I do have same issues and it’s normal. With sufficient practice and revision it going to be fine. Regarding best practice tests, I am using Schweser and past questions.

From where i can find the past questions?

I meant past mock questions…

try elani or finquiz there questions are good very siimilar to past cfa mocks. I use both

Spend your time doing problems rather than rereading the material. You’re going to have 3 hours to answer 120 questions which means you need to be able to complete questions in about 1.5 minutes each. You need to be able to do them correctly and FAST. Doing problems will also help increase your confidence.

For the Level I exam I used the Schweser QBank. There are some 3000+ questions.