I need your opinion

I am having a hard time deciding whether to use Schweser or the CFAI materials for LEVEL III. I used Schweser for Level I & II. Which one (Schweser or CFI materials) do you guys recommend?

This is a easy one…go with Schweser…because once you register for the LIII exam, you will get the CFAI material automatically. Have fun with it.

I used Schweser for all three, with a little bit of supplementing with CFAI texts. I’d recommend Schweser, especially if you’ve had success with it on I and II.

If you use Schweser, read it at least 3 times from A to Z. If you rely solely on study guides, then you have to know it inside out.

Schweser only for all 3 levels

I have used Schweser for Level 1 and 2. I plan to use it for L3 also. This is my approach: 1. Study CFAI material start to finish (Start in December and Finish in Feb). 2. Then study Schweser and do the concept checkers. Most important: Take the tests and make sure that you understand the concepts well (Mar - May).

I used primarily schweser. For level III I used CFAI text for the back of chapter problems and for additional color on a couple of trouble area’s. I think its too much of an information overload for anyone who plans on reading through both. Repetition always has been the name of the game and reading through CFAI text in my opinion takes far too much time.