I need your suggestions!!

Quick stats about me. BS in Finance a year ago. L2 candidate hopefully that changes within a month. I am looking to get my foot into the door. The only experience i have is working back office which was a 6 month temp position. Now i am just working at a coffe shop earning minimum wage.

So my question to you is that i got an offer from this guy but the position needs a series 7 license. Do you think this can help me end up in a position that would enable me to eventually get into something like research or corp. finance. or any freaking thing that would help me utilize what i learn in the CFA program? The position would be commission base (100%). Plan 2 is to study for the GMAT and get into an affordable school and just get employer exposure from there and learn some modeling skill with some third party institutions.

Please advice…Very depressed. Thanks.

Well, if you pass L2 and get the series 7, you’ll be halfway to the 4 licenses needed for a research analyst (7 63 86 87) But I honestly don’t believe you’ll land a job just because of that.

Your best bet is a good MBA program, hiring market is pretty bad right now, and competition among people with experience is very stiff