I passed because of AF

I am certain I wouldn’t have passed without this forum! Want to thank you guys for making this such a great place! It’s not often you see people come out and share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of others. And that’s what the spirit of AF is all about!! Keep rocking and keep dreaming! Magix.


I couldn’t agree more.

I knew this forum since l1 but don’t really make use of it until this year for l3. This is also the only level that I decided not to join any class…and I found AF way more helpful than anything else.

Me too. Thanks to all that helped.

Also agree 100%, this place rocks

To think I found this site doing a CFP vs CFA search!!

I am pretty sure I passed because of this site too.

pop, you got to the game late didn’t you? Outstanding job.

Ditto. Should we tip AF to show our gratuity?

it was more poorly planned than anything. but thanks mwvt9. I am about to get my cfp certification so we are somewhat similar btw your contribution as well as many others was crucial

phBOOM Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ditto. > > Should we tip AF to show our gratuity? I bet Chad wouldn’t mind.

It’s been fun. I’m going to miss AF discussions.

wouldnt have gotten past level 2 without this joint, let alone level 3. thanks to everyone.

^ Same.

Thanks every one. With all your help, I could stay motivated for the 4 months and pass this tricky exam. Thanks for the insights, the explanations, the motivation, the free stuff and the support. Cheers :slight_smile:


mwvt9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Me too. > > Thanks to all that helped. From a lurker… There’s a dark side - reading very clever posts like mwvt9’s at the beginning of June (including oh-oh, only 80% on AMs, I gonna fail for sure! And academic discussions about cash duration…:slight_smile: made average guys like me feel frustrated. Actually, I thought, such guys can raise the passing threshold above the limit I am able to beat! (and they should have done it, and some guys from band 10 must be hating you for this now, as the pass rate was the lowest in history:) Kidding:) Thanks God passed it 3/3, and thank you all for not allowing to loose concentration and to support necessary doubts which provide the drive to do it at the top of one’s skills and will.

I’ll jump on this train! Everyone here who posts useful hints, starts valid discussions, injects needed humor, or scares the crap outta us with various scenarios or demonstrations of their vast knowledge: THANK YOU! I wouldn’t have passed level 2 without AF and I kept my sanity during level 3 with your help. This site was a real find for me and despite my colleague’s constant joking about the fearful and speculating overachievers that are here (you know who you are), I know that there was so much more I gained rather than lost by being an active participant. For those who must continue whacking at this bad boy, stay involved, support each other, and get it done! I will miss the camaraderie here and I look forward to the day that you too will kick back and enjoy your future springs and early summers! All the best! sterling