I passed Level 2. should i start L3 right away ?

also, I used Schweser for L1 and L2(and the CFA curriculum for some areas) and it worked out OK.

does anyone recommend getting schweser too or can i stick to the CFA curriculum for L3 ?


+1. Relax for a bit and hit the books hard in Jan. I used Kaplan and CFAI for L2 &L3. Kaplan to read, lectures aND mocs; CFAI for the EOC, mocks and past AM’s

Yes. You’re already behind everybody that started studying five minutes after they opened their email.

get some punani bro

@OP … you should have started in second week of June just after L2 exams… You have lot of catching up to do.

if you’re truly dedicated, you should start now, preferably isolated in a dark room, using pigeon for sustenance and communication to the outside world

Just shut up please man.

It is already late for 2017. Start preparing for 2018 from now

Ha ha ha…it seems kinda us, new candidates should open separated thread on L3 forum as not to confuse prior L3 takers. I am sorry about bothering you but this is also part of overall CFAI folklore, NHF. Also wish you passing actual exam.:slight_smile: yes

You realize you only have 44 weeks left? What have you been doing all this time you’re supposed to start studying L3 before you even write L2.

blue box questions

Time management is very important. But you need to study about 300 hours

No, don’t start so early…start in Nov…not before that—you will lose focus