…on going out tonight! Friday night check in, who’s with me?

Checking in, I’m good for another 5 hours of studying.

Just considering that I have 3 more days of studying to come, I am getting sluggish to check in tonight. The graph has touched it’s 52 week low.

I’ll be in… shoot me.


let’s go guys the exam is in a week

supersharpshooter Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > let’s go guys the exam is in a week 2 weeks?

I’m rocking out to old school LL Cool J while I review corp fin from earlier. I saw this guy on at MTV’s Spring Break beach concert back in 06. He put’s on a good show which is something I cannot say for all rappers.

I am here.

Gonna take Book 6 Exam 1 PM.

i can’t study with music i have a big supply of ear plugs for studying + the exam

Yup, me too

Im in…just trying to get in alittle. kinda hung over from last night, but gettin ready for a big 3 days of studying

I write my first exam tomorrow morning. BSAS with 30 other students at the University. Oh how I’ve forgotten the second half of the curriculum… variance i = beta^2*variance market^2 + residual squared covariance between assets i and j = beta i * beta j*variance market^2 Keep pushing to remember…

Got an 86.6% on Book 1, Exam 2 PM. Feels pretty good. Only problem is, I thought I was taking Exam 1 PM the whole time, so I feel like I should deduct at least 5% for being a moron. 2 weeks to freedom guys. Keep up the hard work

Man, my sister is graduating this weekend so I’ve got all my folks and all this extended family down for the weekend. My weekend of studying is shot to h&ll. I’ll be lucky to squeeze a couple of hours in each day. This couldn’t be worse timing. I should really just give up and enjoy the next two weeks.

i’m in the same situation as you jankynoname. i graduate on monday and have all these activities to attend this weekend. i look like a tard walking around with my secret sauce in hand. i’m debating skipping my commencement since it’s just a waste of time.

^^don’t skip the commencement. 'nough said.

i didn’t go to mine, just get grad photos and get out, diploma in the mail baby

supersharpshooter Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i can’t study with music > > i have a big supply of ear plugs for studying + > the exam you can wear ear plugs for the exam ? did you do that for L1?