I planning to do MBA from Canada next year so can i do my CFA from there?

Hello guys

I am Sundesh Gul and I planning to do MBA From Canda next year. I am currently in the final semester of BBA in Pakistan. So can i do my CFA from canada along with MBA?

Are you asking if you’re allowed to or is it wise to do it concurrently?

In the case of the latter, I would advise not to. If you’re attending a reputable school for your MBA you’ll be quite busy.

Actually i was asking for both cases and i got the answer. thanks alot :slight_smile: btw can i extend my visa on the basis of CFA studies?

I don’t know about Canadian visa laws, but since CFA is a self-study program, I doubt it would be a valid reason for a visa extension were you in the US. Everyone overstays their student visa in the US and the government doesn’t do anything about it though, so wouldn’t really matter.