I put in a big sell order today

I put in a big sell order today. Market is down. Sorry about that.

Good for you. You gotta get out before everyone rushes for the exit. Value investing be damned - it may be cheap now but it could be even cheaper in 3 months time.

Can someone please tell me why I shouldn’t buy GS at $89?

Dammit. that was a joke. no one laughed. T.T

Because even GS will lose money when Europe goes kaboom.

Palantir, I got it if it makes you feel better, don’t worry I’ll buy some later on and the markets will bounce back.

I’m pretty bearish on this market. It sure feels like we are going to get a really significant credit squeeze starting in Europe and they have set up a crazy dysfunctional system for dealing with stuff like that. On the other hand, if you;re going to bet on someone pulling through unscathed, GS is a good bet.

GS may scrape through as a firm, shareholders may not.

It does seem like GS’s shiny glow might be fading. For instance, GS lost money in 3Q, unlike some of their rivals like MS. Once they stop paying their traders more than their competitors, there’s no reason for their stars to stick around.

GS at 89 is a good trade. however, there are better trades elsewhere. Palantir, you disappoint me. I am buying today and have been last week. We’ll see what happens.

What do you want to buy? I’ll short sell those stocks to you.

I love how everybody is so bearish. I started investing around the financial crisis late 08, but back then, i was just dipping my toes in the water and buying just a few things. It certainly feels like we’re returning to March 09’ levels but the prices haven’t gotten there yet. When it does, I suppose many will commit AF suicide. i prefer investing in this climate. hard part is explaining to ppl why you have some europe exposure lol and why a stock is down. we will see what happens. i bet there will be more classy babes in the future wearing those sexy pumps with the reds at the bottoms.

I like investing in this climate too. But I still feel there is substantial downside risk. Aka, streets are not bloody enough yet.

I see how bearish the press is but I still fail to see the bearishness in asset allocations and when talking to all types of people. people will say they’re bearish and hold 90% net long portfolios. what people say isn’t necessarily what people do. If the market can rally 21% in less than 1 month, the market is not bearish. The strong Canadian and US data has made our market participants overly bullish when looking at a global banking sector at increasing risk of a credit event. USD Libor continues to rise EVERY DAY even though there is unlimited liquidity, and is back to Dec 2008 levels. Euro banks are at or are making new lows. US banks are near or at lows. Something isn’t right…the non-financials can’t decouple from the financials. it just doesn’t make sense. And should we see another credit event, you should expect people to become much more bearish than 2008 before we actually have a wash out as the effect of 2008 on people’s psyche is pronouced and long-lasting, as can be seen in investor and consumer confidence/sentiment indicators. i don’t think you should be heavily short or long the market at this time due to this decoupling and rising credit risk.

well, if you keep putting in those sell orders, its only a matter of time Palantir. i’m still trying to decipher the outcome of a Euro break up on the Euro banks. do you think they will just turn to zombies like in the Walking Dead.

we can keep them in the barn because we used to love them. that way they won’t infect any of the other banks.

you can buy your mr. softie now and break even in 2 years or buy them in 1 year’s time and make a 15% return. market timing is everything in stock investing (the price is the most important variable in value investing speak for all you Buffett fans out there).

“If the market can rally 21% in less than 1 month, the market is not bearish” I am not saying it is a bear market nor am I saying it is a bull market some evidence to the contrary. Oct 10 -Oct 14 2008 - 4 days - market rallied 24.4% Oct 16 - Oct 20 2008 - 4 days - market rallied 15% Oct 28 - Nov 4 2008 - 6 days -market rallied 13% Nov 21 - Dec 8 2008 - 11 days - market rallied 23.5% You will agree that we were in a bear market at least at that time. On another note, how many bull markets have daily swings of of 1 to 2 % regularly?

MattlikesAnalysis mate can we have a private discussion. There is something I want to over you. Thanks dude

market timing is everything lol yeahh okkkayyyyy…good luck with that.