I really really really hate doing mocks

[video:https://youtu.be/0nVQPwH2m4s align:center]

I can’t emphasize how much I hate doing mocks, it is the worst experience before the test at every level. I surely benefit a lot from it in terms of scanning my knowledge structure but every-time I force myself to sit down, focus and go through the questions , I want to skin myself alive 1:30 hours in for each of the three hours sessions. (Despair level: see video above). It makes me question why did I sign up for all this to start with as it is the most acutely unpleasant experience I ever had, at least one of, and I have to do it four five times.

I hate it so much. That’s all. How do you keep yourself going when you are imposing six hours of misery onto yourself?

Haha, great post. I motivate myself by thinking about how terrible it would be to repeat all of this misery again next year if I would fail.

good idea, i just tell myself if i fail this is it ha

It’s better to feel miserable now than on Game Day.

Yeah…feel you 100% on this. My pinky hurts from all this damn writing. Add in the fact of my shit handwriting being another variable to worry about…uggh.

i feel like you become numb on the Game Day, no?

and this was me last year lol


Mocks are better than endless readings through Curriculum. Also are more exciting.

I used to only ever take aderall for mock exams so, I used to sort of look forward to it. For L3, though, I’ve been using the aderall more liberally.