I received my FRM Certificate!

I just received my FRM certificate by mail today :). It arrived with UPS very well packaged. GARP receives an A+ for packaging so do not worry about anything major happening to your diploma unless you live abroad and it gets significantly crushed… Operational risk :P. - Bubble protection - White envelope protection - Blue envelope protection - Transparent sheet protection Congrats to all who passed last full FRM exam in 2009!

got mine as well today… very good packaging indeed. (i live outside of the US)

great guys , exited . is there any way I can track through UPS ? I live outside of US

Does anyone have a decent certificate frame recommendation?

I too received my FRM certificate Thanks to the AF for all its help

Ya I got mine too!! I am glad I got this certificate so cheaply… my employer paid for the exam fees and majority of the material overlap with CFA anyway… !! Yehh!!!

Same here. It’s pretty small compared to CFA but it matches the amount of time I had to spent on getting it :slight_smile: