I registered for level 1 twice, didn't bother attending first time, attended and passed second registration.

Can I still say on my resume that I passed CFA level I exam on first attempt. Since I only registered first time but never attempted it.

That’s your story? You signed up but “didn’t bother attending”? Nothing screams “hire me” like saying you’ll do something and then not doing it.

Yeah go for it. Of course you have the added benefit of sounding like a dink who thinks an employer cares about passing L1 (or any exam for that matter) in the first try.

(Note: I have no idea if this is actually allowable under the CFAI policy. Just felt like being a jerk.)

I’d e-mail CFA Institute and ask them.

I would say “Yes”, because you never attempted the exam.

Whether or not that’s a good idea is an entirely different question.

And to ltj’s point, maybe you should’t say “I didn’t bother attending the exam.” I might say, “Personal circumstances prevented me from taking the exam.” Everybody understands the latter. The former makes you sound like a pretentious jerk.


On the other hand, maybe he is a pretentious jerk (I have no idea), so the inference would be accurate.


On the other hand, maybe he (she?) is a pretentious jerk (I have no idea), so the inference would be accurate.

(nb: I don’t know whether women can be pretentious jerks or not; I don’t have any evidence. Men obviously can.)

Do people really say that? I’d laugh at a resume where someone is bragging about ‘passing first attempt.’ Who cares? It’s a self-study program, you may have spent 4 years preparing, and that’s supposed to be better than the guy that was a band 10 fail after studying a week and then going on to pass it next time? Nah.

Actually, yes. I wouldn’t want to hire the person who only spent a week preparing for the exam.

Sure, why not - unless you have something more impressive to brag about

Please be careful how you word things.

Through a professional forum, people will eat you alive for being pretentious.

Just put that you passed CFA level 1, attempts are not needed.

What if he/she only spent a week studying and got >70 on all topics!?!

Hired. Models. Bottles.

Employers don’t care how many times it took. Leave that off. I would laugh if I saw that on a resume. Lvl 1 isn’t that hard.

I remember reading all that ‘passed on first attempt’ nonsense and all I thought was ‘what kind of a loser would put that on their resume’

Humility is often admired.

I never put I passed on first attempts and I do laugh when I see resumes that say that. For the record, I registered once for each exam…studied 200-300 hours for each exam…and passed each exam on the first try in successive years…with CAIA inbetween, also one registration, first passes on first attempts.

Now that I think about it…nah eff that you didn’t pass on first attempt…you registered and probably studied a little…so you attempted…so what if you didnt go…not going = not passing…so you failed once technically…so no, no pass on first try…ya bish.

I think it’s a against the ethical and professional standards to say that you passed on your first attempt.

As long as it’s the truth and you’re not suggesting superiority over other candidates or charterholders it isn’t a violation.

Somebody obviously did not read the Handbook. The first attempt claims was specifically address in the handbook.

I’ve read the handbook the same number of times you attempted the exam. If you have trouble counting how many times I’ve read it just ask someone.

Definitely not against anything in ethics… this example was a part of my reading this weekend.

It does sound a little ridiculous to an employer to say this though. There are a lot of reasons someone may pass or fail. I.E. you don’t have a job or a demanding one and you don’t have a family so you can study all the time vs. someone who works a very demanding 60 hr + per week job who can only study on the weekend in between their kid’s soccer games.

I’m far more impressed with the second person…