I Regreting not ordering schweser Pro on CD

The site has problems and it won’t be resolved until at the earliest tomorrow.

what - serioulsy? class action law suit, coming up! (for the price they charge, we should get some $$ back for emotional trauma).

So it’s not just me! In a panic, I decided to do more questions…bad omen?

One of their citrix servers is down, i was trying really hard not to yell @ the poor guy answering the phone, he sounded like he has been getting it for a while. The will not fix it until every early tomorrow morning. I hope its done by tomorrow coz i wil not be very pleasant again.

Thanks folks for highlighting this tech problem. Online Schweser Pro has seemed incredibly painfully slow this evening, at first I thought it was my internet connection…I seem to be having same problem as others, although I haven’t seen the notification that Magiwa saw. I give up on it until tomorrow.

There was not notification given online, i called and spoke to one of their tech guys who game me that info. He did not sound sure himself, he was just conveying ‘what they were told’.

try again- i just logged in…clicked a few pages through and it seems to be fine…maybe its up now sooner than expected cuz they realized there was a mob revolt forming.

Performance is not excellent but at least i can get to my questions, all is better with the world!

Must have been all those wrong answers I entered…crashed the whole site…

Yup, mine seems to be working now too. Well done to the mob revolt for getting it fixed! Downside is that we won’t get much if any money from the class action law suit that Strikershank was referring too.

They settled, your check is in the mail.

Power to the People! :slight_smile:

no problems all day over here

I was wondering why it was so painfully slow when I was on there earlier. Oh well, back to my notes then.