I said Brrrr it’s cold in here! Day off for big bear with fam!

Right now though my bitcoin buddy just got bottles at Long Beach. It’s lit cuhhh. With my cancer hs buddy too. Sickkk affff. Then I gotta wake up at 7 for big bear lol!

Sick story bro. I hope you had a chance to hang with your tire friend (8m) other friend (50m) also.

To be fair had no idea people would be down to go out on a Thursday night. We essentially celebrated my buddy surviving cancer and is now going back to finish his PhD in bioengineering at northwestern next week. He’s leaving next Friday so it was our last one to turn up

Cancer sucks!

I hope you guys had a blast!! :+1:

Is there snow over there? I was thinking of going there to train for nationals but my bro in law said there was no snow or something.

I think I can train for three days prior to nationals at Copper Mountain if I qualify. I should qualify. Placed 2nd in regionals this year in boardercross. So not guaranteed a spot but should find out soon if I get a wildcard entry.

nah lol. it rained. coincidentally my boss was like send me pic. DAMNNN sonnn, why you need proof!?

anyways i did get to snow tube for the first time (was with my nephew), it was nyeh. suppose to snow this weekend.

also update on thursday. it was lit man. so i did meet a dime blonde early 20s. i was pretty infatuated with her and we were planning on going for a movie this upcoming weekend. anyways i told me 400k nw usc friend, and he did some detective work on the girl and found her insta. also i wanted him to see the hawtness. anyways she has a kid. GG!

my bitcoin friend pulled some mid 20s dime blonde too. she was a lot hotter. called him out for being rich. he was like how did you know. she was like hmm how you carried yourself. in which he responded, well relatively i guess im wealthy. girl was like wow you’re making me think. smh. lol

anyways. do you taken guys ever get this feeling to just snoop around? or is it just me? and i need to mature more.

Nerdy, are you on wallstreetbets? I think youd like it.

Oooo yeah baby gimme some of that white gollddddd


Racing this year on my Palmer/Kessler Platinum LE (Burton Triax Bindings, Solomon boots), bringing a backup Solomon board (Burton Custom bindings, Old school Airwalk boots)

you can do ittttttt

I found out last night and just ordered the White Goldddddd and some gnarly Oakleys for the race

Congratulations Isaiah_53_5: You have qualified to compete at the 29th Annual National Championships at Copper Mountain from March 30th to April 11th, 2018. Here is what you are qualified for at this time: Snowboard Open Class Men BoarderCross/SkierCross (NR) Deadline: 03/13/2018 @ 11:59:59PM ****** WARNING ALL INVITATIONS EXPIRE ON THE DATE/TIME SPECIFIED ABOVE! YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE THEN IN ORDER TO SAVE YOUR SPOT ********** In order to confirm and hold your spot, you must register online by the date noted above. If you do not login and register by that day, your spot will be given to the next qualified athlete. If you do not plan to go, please login and decline the invitation so that we can free up your spot for another athlete. Go to https://www.usasa.org and click Login. Once logged in you will see the discipline(s) for which you are currently invited. Accept or Decline the Invite Pay in full for the Event(s) Once paid, you will receive an email confirming your registration. You can also check the website and you should see each event you registered for with the word Accept. If you have any questions about what you are or should be qualified for, PLEASE contact your Series Director. ****** AUTOMATED EMAIL: DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AS IT WILL NOT BE RECEIVED ********

i subscribed to wall street bets. but it doesnt seem to be my cup of tea. creepypms. still my favorite.