I should get going

Well, I seem to recognize fewer and fewer posters, and since I just passed level III, I can’t think of any reason to hang around. I have the work experience and I’m a member of CFAI and BSAS, so I expect my charter in the mail in a matter of weeks. It’s been a difficult ride the last 2.5 years, made immeasurably easier by this forum. Thanks for that. I’ll swing by sometime to see if I can be of any help, by I doubt I will be. My very best to all of you. Smarshy, CFA

See ya Smarshy. Good luck.

Great to see that CFA behind your name~ Congratulations and all the best. Recall your name when you were in lv2, truly legend. All the best in the future!

Till another time. All the best.

dude you will be missed in this forum

Best of luck Smarshy. Probably see you around AF sometime.

ciao bello

oh damn, he dropped the C-F-A letters. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

Well done and enjoy!

All the best Smarshy, CFA

Later Smarshy, give me a shout anytime.

All the best Smarshy and thanks for all the help and discussions on the forum… You signature looks complete now

take care, smarshy.

well done smarshy and good luck in conquering the world see you in the WSJ - if they still do that (?) - null

See you on facebook, Smarshy!

Good luck Smarshy and congrats on those letters. It was those valuable discussions on the forum that I have made it so far (L3). See you on FB, stay in touch.

Good bye and good luck!

good luck bud. stay safe and be proud that you made it. it was good reading your posts. barthezz