I steal from the rich and I give to the needy! Socialism baeeeee

i am a socialist. Truly I am. But i am also a fan of lower taxes.

But due to the deficit, i am forced to say lower benefits. no medicare, no social security until we got a balanced budget.

i wish we can tax people a lot more. the highest marginal tax rate was at 39%, but no one really pays that ridiculous amount.the average tax even at highest brackets is 28%. https://taxfoundation.org/how-much-do-people-pay-taxes/

i feel that the average tax rate should be much higher somwhere around 40% to 50%. i am sure this will not dissuage most people from working! THOTS!

Nery why you want a tax on humans? Are you working for the robots now? Tire company friend (50m) would be sad.

Is this a joke topic?


Nery be direct in your comments. I think what you are trying to say is you’d be in favor of higher taxes and a system of wealth distribution so long as it was fair. Since the uber rich find loopholes in taxes and thus do not pay their stated fares, you think you shouldnt either?

On a different note, you cut social security you will see the greatest generation come to life and beat the ish out of all the govt.

my main point is that we need a balanced budget. this govt deficit spending at 1t/year is ridiculous.

i want taxes to be as low as possible, but i also want a lot free benefits for everyone, like a guaranteed saftey net or ubi. free education, medicare, social security.

if we are running at a deficit which we are, tehn i feel that the government should take away many of those benefits, while at the same time increasing taxes!

the tax that poor people pay is deminimis so when we talk about increasing taxes its really just the rich that are affected. so the topic of taxes is not about taxing humans, its truly just taxing the rich that will prolly own the robots.

tax deductions are made to benefit the rich so that should be eliminated altogether. favorable capital gains tax, capital gains taxed only when sold, 401k deductions etc etc.

when we do have a balanced budget, then we should start thinking about all these progressive liberal ideals that i truly aspire to!

lastly old people dont revolt. all they do is vote which in our society is far more valuable. so politcians have to cater to them despite dumping debt to the youth. very sad!

Personally i believe that if we are running at a deficit, then the average tax rate should be at a minimum of 51%. the avg tax is around 30% (social security, fed, state, etc) collecting 3.5 trillion. increase it to 50%, and bam we are collecting 5.8 trillion on a federal budget of 4.4 trillion. now we can pay down our 22 trillion debt in about 15 to 20 years, assuming rates are kept constant! (LuLZ, we fucked)

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you— ask what you can do for your country.”

this is what i would do.

  1. priotritize balanced budget. if not

  2. increased taxes to 51%, if not

  3. take away social security, if not

  4. take away medicare, if not

i would actually take lower all sorts of shit befors ss and medicare like defense, but they are the biggest culprits that needs to be culled. when budgeting, focus on cutting the big ticket items.

go back to thai-land

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Society should be in solidarity with the rich. So the republicans are right.


Was born in socialism and worker-self management. It is funny system now with timing distance.

It’s got to be a joke thread, but AF is so weird these days, you never know.

The approaching of peak-boomer-benefits (forecast 2038), will result in USG default, and reveal the socialism was just one big ponzi.

no joke at all!

the thing is i think the world would be a better place if government provides the bare neccessities with mother nature’s recipes!

because when the basics are covered, then people will have the luxury to educate themselves to study and work more productively.

at some point when people are more productive and at a balanced budget. then you would lower taxes to accelerate growth!

high taxes first to prevent deficits, then to reinvest in productivity, then lower taxes to accelerate growth!

well….US lags behind all economic figures relating to health care, elderly care, family care, income equality, human index, birth death rate, premature death rate, infant death rate, hospital care, etc to most of the northern European countries and Canada…their taxes are 40%-50%…still got plenty of billionaires and millionaires. haha….

As my boss said (CIO/owner of the fund) so bush’s socialistic tax reform for the Rich saved me tons when I bought couple Rolls and saved me on income taxes…But I didn’t go spend that money like some Supply Side Expansions wanted me to like Kudlow the idiot from CNBC….I put that money away into my Cayman Islands account lmao….Now Trump doing the same Socialistic Tax Cut for the rich!!! HOOORAHHHH

You see, Democrats want “socialism” for the society ie health care, family care, family leave etc….and republikkkans want “socialism” only for the rich ie tax cuts for the top tier, tax cuts for luxury tax, tax cuts for asset transfer to next generation….

But when this was tried with social security and medicare, the government spent all the money, and now can’t provide those necessities. Now the gov is bankrupt, specifically from trying to do this, so it is financially unable to do more of it. And even if it were, why would the result be different next time?

Where is all this free money in your utopia-model coming from? :confused:

I agree with nerdy. I also support higher taxes and government assistance. But only if they are taking money from the other guy and giving his money to me. I don’t want to be the one giving the money.

Agreed, they should only allow rich immigrants so we can take their money. There should be a Domino’s on every table.

Seems like America becomes more like Red China every day. Soon there will be no REAL America left :bulb:. It was an inside job. I weep for my country.

say the us increase their average tax rates to 50%. would you stay or would you run to another country and if so where? im just curious to see if these taxes have a brain drain effect and if they can obtain higher pay coupled with lower taxes at another place.

up until the 1980s the highest tax rates in the US was 70%. Of course this is the highest rate but the population was increasing at a healthy amount. The economy in real terms also grew vastly.

If we increased the income taxes substantially, i would happy to pay them and still live and work in the US. The countries with lowest tax rates don’t do so hot on many of the economic, mortality, education, etc rankings…Yes yes i am oversimplifying but you get my stance on this.

Back when rates were high, the economy grew because any business owner with two brain cells to rub together could offset the taxes with creative cost cutting. Sometimes taxes can drive efficiency :bulb: