i suck at ethics!!

the ethics section is making me really nervous!! no matter how many times i read the questions, ALL the answers seem like the right one! if I scored, say 66% on ethics for the morning exam, then i score 75% on the afternoon exam. would I still pass level 1? or do I have to get above 70% on both in order to pass? what can I do to improve my score on this section? Thanks! 5 more days to go! good luck everybody!

I had the same problem when I sat for the L1 Exam, until I realized how important it was to figure out which of the 7 CFA Professional Standards of Conduct the question addressed. I know this strategy should be obvious, but I think many of us overlook this. Of course, you have to understand each professional standard to adequately answer the question. As a quick way to remember this list, I came up with the following mnemonic (Sorry to those who have seen me post this in other threads already): “Professional Investors Don’t Disclose Internal Confidential Relationships” §rofessionalism (I)ntegrity of Capital Markets (D)uties to Clients (D)uties to Employers (I)nvestment Analysis, Recommendations, and Actions ©onflicts of Interest ®esponsibilities as a CFA Institute Member or CFA Candidate Good luck and be confident!

I sucked at ethics until I did the SCheweser QBank sections on it. It tests you on some key points of the rules. And you should do all the problems at the end of the chapter and make a note of the points were you seem to miss.