I think I just became an environmentalist


Cliff Notes: Pollutants in water are shrinking otters’ joysticks and might be shrinking ours too.

“According to a new report, the otter’s penis bone is shrinking”

Otter’s have a bone in their penises?

I thought it was just walruses that had bones there.

It turns out that most placental mammals have a bone there (females too, in the equivalent part). Humans, are different: we are fully hydraulic.


The end of the article with the speculation that “Adam’s rib” was the explanation for why humans lack a bone there is an interesting addtion to the article.

The comments section is worth the read

Seems like every day otters teach us more about themselves than they do about our own species.

So the theory is that God pulled out Adam’s penis bone to make Eve? Uh… that sounds really awkward. And painful.

Just move to Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas. And I mean EVERYTHING!!!

(maybe that’s a commerical for women to move to Texas instead of men)

But if you’re a man and you move to Texas, you’ll notice at least a 25% increase as soon as you cross the border. Guaranteed!