I think there are too few forums

in particular I think the WC should have sub forums. The idea of putting single themes into a single thread is stupid and doesn’t allow multiple sub themes to be explored easy w in a thread. So e.g. in the AF After Dark sub forum we can hear about ACE molesting teenagers in one thread and KMD rolling married losers in another without commingling the two in a single confusing thread.

Make it happen STL.

Keeping this above the fold. I think it makes sense.

Once ACE increases his posting frequency in that thread to a “play by play”, including descriptions on his bodily functions, I’m out of here.

there are what, 5 or 6 themes that get discussed? If people don’t like wading through all the X themed posts to get to their beloved video game threads, then it makes sense to have sub forums based on the general themes that are constantly hit.

We could have a naming contest for the sub-forum themes and the winner gets 20 min in the champagne room with KMD if that’s agreeable to her.