I think there are too many forums...

I think probably General, Careers, Investments, and WC should be one thing.

But we can’t do that. These serious things must be in WC:).

I disagree. We get a certain amount of latitude in the WC that we wouldn’t get in the others.

And since I’m done with my test, I don’t generally venture into General unless it’s to offer advice.

And Careers and Investments are different enough to warrant separate (but equal) space.

However, if I were a mod, I wouldn’t move threads between WC, Careers, Investments, and General.

Aaaaaand…this belongs in the feedback forum.

It’s the Fourth. Go out and shoot some freedom in the air. This forum officially belongs to Canadians and Indians today

The second I see WC spammed with Indian trolls wanting “plz kind sirz help with resume and plz recommend whether I should put level 1 CFA in application. Tank.” I’m outta here.

^It’s thank. The guy kept saying thank,tank is something ACE came up with.

Well your pale hillbilly nationalistic white trash yankee ass will certainly be missed

Guy on a buffalo my arse, more like fat pink wanker on a walmart trolley

did you just assume his gender?

You mean bumping your annual (semi for level 1) “Advice for those who did NOT pass today…” thread?

Let me guess… Latest iteration of MDL? Sound a lot like him/she/it whatever. Thanks for adding value to the discussion.

Hence the “generally” part.

Agree. Every site is like this, organizing threads into various sub-forums. What is accomplished by this? Nothing. There’s no difference between WC/investments, we end up talking about investment in both, and nonsense in both. It just creates an annoyance where you need to check multiple forums. Also a special feedback forum (which nobody checks) is counterproductive.