I think we've made history here.

Not sure… but this feels a little different than a regular correction.

Feels like emotion is getting the best of the market… Fear is seeming to transcend logic.

How so? Many people are entirely on cash realizing we now have a ponzi scheme. Why should people get back in for a low when there’s no good news in sight only govt intervention The market is correcting to show people true value of S&P 500.

Fox News told me this the market reacting to a potential Hilary presidency.

I remember the bottom of the last bear market was when Regis said on his morning show… “man stocks are going down. I’m going to sell.” or something like that. It was the exact bottom.

of course, most corrections are 10 or 20%, - 35% + is crazy. the higher correlation b/t global markets today vs 10 years ago is exacerbating it all. also, we have more HFs in the biz today vs last decade and HFs right now are winding down, i am assuming, meeting drawdowns with furious recdemptions. It is either all cash or stocks like CPB, HNZ, DMND, WMT.