I thought I told ya, Imma star! Kylie Jenner worth 900m on forbes cover. lets discuss!

You see the ice, you see the cars Flashy lights, everywhere we are Livin’ like, like there’s no tomorrow


so her company sells make up that ur dime piece prolly uses. she owns 100% of it. apparently her co has generated 630m in sales and 230m in net profit since inception for a cool net margin of 35%. for 2017 alone, she sold 330m at a 35% margin, thats 115m in profit. forbes applied a conservative 9x multiple to value her at 900m. is this multiple fair?

company inception at 2014, so its about 4 years old. 7m between 2014 and 2015. but it didnt really start to take off until 2016 where she sold 307m in the 1st year and 330m in 2017. rev growth yoy is about 7%. she outsources everything using private label manufactuer (180m cost for 2017) and shopify (500k in fees for 2017) to sell her stuff. so she has very few employees in her co.

anyways having said that, should she ipo?