I took her to my penthouse, then I freaked it! Gundlach tweet is funny

from gundlach. what a dork. but low key it is
What people in financial media don’t seem to understand is that we are never going back to the January 2020 “You blow dry my hair and I’ll blow dry your hair” economy. Saving money and having a net economically productive skill will be the new cool.

They seem nice.

Gundlach is my favorite.

  1. Although I believe it was planted by TCW, having that amount porn and drugs in your office should be commended.

  2. When a thief stole a rare piece of art from his home and the cops were no help, he worked with Google to track down the idiot that searched, “how to sell a ‘whatever the artist’s name was’ painting.” That’s new-age badass.

  3. He’s the best economist on the planet. And he’s not even an economist.

lol. i dont think they planted that ■■■■. keep in mind the dude was a rock star.

It’s by no means confirmed, but sources I trust say it was TCW. Also, TCW tried to sue him for something like $350mm and he countersued for $500mm and won (netted something like $30mm). So, I’m pretty sure it was planted.

It’s definitely confirmed he bangs a lot of coworkers but has somehow managed to avoid #MeToo. I can only assume that’s because he’s so awesome all women want to sleep with him. Further evidence he’s top tier talent.

apparetnyl gundlach is 50% in cash due to his shorts. he was 100% cash in february.
thats pretty substantial. i am super surprised. hes a heavy market timer. but then again if ur a smart guy then u should take that risk.
fish avatar. how much in cash are you still?

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Always been a big Gundlach fan. Of the pop-fin commentators, he is by far the best. Impressive fund performance, great backstory and entertaining. Sometimes overplays bear calls and misses but overall great.

I’ve been too busy with work and masturbation to check in. But @GorillaNerd calling @Codtrawler87 “fish avatar” was worth it. I don’t know why, but I found it really funny.

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lol i totally forgot cuz his sn wasnt on this thread.

Lemme check… I’m about 35% cash. Unlike Gundlach, I probably won’t try timing the market once this crisis is over. All-in, buy and forget come 2022!

gundlach live. playign some weird up up and away song… blm! he is 76.8 percent sure we take out the lows. im pretty 69.69 percent sure. his percent is so precise. must run a model.