I took the day off to study

And I look out the window and there is a goose with an arrow through it walking around my yard. I called animal control and now am waiting for them to show.

He should know better than to interrupt you during a practice exam

I hate geese. All of them. They hang around this building I work at and crap all over the place. They also seem to know that I hate them because they get up on the roof, right above my office and wrestle, or play tackle football or maybe a geese orgy, but whatever the hell it is they are loud and obnoxious. People at work tell me I should fight them and that I would get my @ss kicked. I disagree, and would accept the challenge at any time. Although I would never shoot a goose with an arrow, I can understand how it happens.

maybe it was cupid…

maybe it’s a sign… that you’re next if you leave the house instead of taking a practice test!!! hehe

It was entertaining watching the animal control guy running around the yard with a net.

This was one of the funniest exchanges yet! Big Babbu - I almost crapped my pants as if I were a Goose because I was LOL so dang hard! Everyone hates Geese! (they are liars or freaks if they say otherwise) Ever try to putt on a golf course around goose crap? Its like playing mini-golf, except its turds you are avoiding and not a windmill or a race car…