I totally disagree with the Schweez mock answer 52

Which of the following statements about Hawk is most accurate?

A) Hawk may be undergoing style drift. B) Hawk’s regression style fit indicates that most of its active returns are attributable to market timing. C) The most appropriate normal style benchmark for Hawk is the S&P/Citigroup 500 Value Index.

So A is supposed to be correct but::

How can they be having a style drift when their R2 is 96%, they have the lowest tracking error, and their returns based regressions has the strongest correlation with their stated index?


Exhibit D** Hawk Associates, LLP**

My understanding is that R^2 should be approximately 1 to have true style fit. Anything else would be considered style drift. In this question, they are all experiencing style drift because of their R^2. Hawk’s situation relative to the others is irrelevant.

which mock is that?

Forgot to mention one other thing. Per the sentence before the table, Hawk is the enhanced indexer. The other two are active managers. Hawk’s R^2 should be almost 1 and tracking error should be almost 0.