I wandered into the "Careers" section today and my head exploded.



Can you recover from it?

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To be fair, people have to start somewhere.

I must be doing something wrong lol

Which of the many promising and talented individuals were you particularly impressed with?

It’s easy to forget what it’s like not to know anything. Or worse, be basically bright yet not know anything relevant. That’s one reason why teaching is a skill.

I hope you’re okay. Is it the Equity Research Compensation thread?

Haha, just a general survey of the posts although that one kicked it off. Maybe it used to not seem as bad because the posts were scattered among the general forum, although I think some of it is generational or economy related. I don’t know how colleges are failing their students so badly that they come out so unprepared or unknowledgeable about their field.

I also think it may be specific to certain fields. I think an engineer or medical student usually seems like they have a good handle on where they want to go and what they want to do, partly because their professors typically have actual professional experience and their courses are based on practical application and partly because no one would suffer through a tough major like that without knowing where they want to go.

Agreed and those career paths tend to be much more structured. But it is even worse when say, a PharmD student knows a guy that got into BB SS ER and he looked into it for a few hours and determined that you are almost guaranteed 8 figures by 35.

It just supports my theory more that people can be incredibly smart at certain things while being completely clueless at others.

To be fair, 99.9999% of colleges are hacksaw.

Are there at least one million colleges in the world?

Take this one:


Young bright eyed guy wants to know if MSF or similar degree is worthwhile since he already has achieved quant mastery via the CFA.

Goes on to ask if he should do a quant degree, something not finance related or perhaps an MBA.

Does not know what his career goals are even loosly.

So basically this early to mid 20s gentlemen (ignoring his ridiculous assumption that CFA is even remotely quantitative) is not sure what he wants to do for a career or even what type or field of masters degree he should pursue and just wants to crowd source all of these decisions to the internet.

In 5 years when he’s still not sure and making $45k a year he’ll complain that he’s trapped by the student debt he haphazardly incurred and vote for Bernie because everything should just be given to him for free.

create a seat and there will be an ass for it. thanks Obama.


“Kids these days… sheesh…”

Welcome to middle age, my friend:


There are a million colleges in India alone.