I want my friggin' certificate!

Who has already received their charter/certificate? It’s great to be able to use the letters and all, but I’m really looking forward to receiving the gaudy certificate. I’m in NYSSA so we don’t have a formal charter cerimony. I’m just wondering if anyone has a sense of when the certificates are going to be distributed to the masses…

i got mine yesterday in the mail. in nyc. it’s just a huge piece of stupid paper.

Received my certificate at BSAS ceremony last Tuesday. I know others in the office that didn’t attend ceremony are still waiting to receive their charters.

Piels: I was one of the saps at the ceremony that didn’t get their charter sent to BSAS. Not sure what I was thinking. Still haven’t got mine yet in the mail. So, let that be a lesson to the rest of you for next year: If the option is there to have your charter sent to your society, and you don’t feel like waiting longer, take that option.