I want to be the very best no one ever was! what it takes to be in the coveted 1%? income and wealth in world and us.


Ranking by Income

According to the Global Rich List, a website that brings awareness to worldwide income disparities, an income of $32,400 a year will allow you to make the cut. $32,400 amounts to roughly:

  • 30,250 Euros
  • 2 million Indian rupees, or
  • 223,000 Chinese yuan

So if you’re an accountant, a registered nurse or even an elementary school teacher, congratulations. The average wage for any of these careers falls well within the top 1% worldwide.

Figure 1. The percentage of global wealth owned by the top 1% surpassed 50% as of 2016.

Ranking by Wealth

The threshold is significantly higher if you look at the top percentile by wealth instead of income. To reach that status, you’d have to possess $770,000 in net worth, which includes everything from the equity in your home to the value of your investments. That’s equal to roughly:

  • 720,000 Euros
  • 49.8 million Indian rupees or
  • 5.3 million Chinese yuan
    Making 1% Ranks in U.S.

Who constitutes the 1% if you just look at the U.S.? Not surprisingly, it takes a massively higher income to crack the top percentile of wage earners: you’d have to make $450,000 in adjusted gross income (AGI) to make the cut.

And to rank among the highest 1% of Americans by wealth? That requires net assets of more than $7 million, based on the latest Federal Reserve figures.

Compare that to the wealth of $49,460 for the average adult living in North America and $11,319 for Europeans. Now, the median wealth represents what most people have, the average will be much higher especially in countries where assets are so skewed toward the ultra-rich, like the United States. The average wealth of the U.S. wealthy is $344,692 per adult

What are those numbers in lakh rupees and adjusted for purchasing power in central Kolkata? Tanks.

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CS puts a good wealth report out on this topic:


In the US, being a millionaire puts you in the top 6.4% of the adult population (4.7% overall). Thinking about it globally, you are in the top 0.6% of all people. There are very very few people that have a net wealth above $10M. It comes to about 0.35% of the adult population in the US (0.25% total). For the world, you would be in the 0.0258%.

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