I want to meet the guy who lives in this house

I found this randomly on Google Maps.


  1. Acura NSX

  2. Motor boat

  3. Motorcycle

  4. Filipino Flash (??)

The house is beat, that NSX is probably worth 20-30k, I can’t see enough of the bike to get an opinion, the old Subaru has the rear window busted out. Boat is just eeeh.

You’re hating man - that van is legit.

look at what he did to his front lawn… he killed off all his grass and replaced it with rocks, and then put up the asian lantern sculpture. incredibly asian

Ahhh, a maniac’s van. I bet it has an old mattress, handcuffs and chains, and is covered with cork tiles to isolate the noise.

Cork tiles are sooooo in right now.

I like how google blurred the face on the van.

I thought Asian rednecks only lived in east van, coquitlam and surrey. thats pretty g though

I am never going to live on the West Coast.