I want to switch career? please give sound advice?

Dear fellow members,

I want you to analyse my situation and give right advice. I am a working journalist

in New Delhi. I work for a finance magazine and covering finance. In the process i got interested in equity research. I always wanted to join finance but could nt do so because of the lack of proper guidence and financial crunch as i belonged to one of the most backwards provinces of India. Later i opted for journalism and continued to the profession ftill date(more than six years).

In 2011 seriously enrolled for CFA and passed the exam in December 2011. Now, i am appearing for Level -II in June. I hope to pass it as i have plenty of time taken a leave and study even harder!!

Aspiration: Want to break in to Equity research in KPO’s (Booming industry in India) or some research/Analytics firms.

Experience: Financial Journalism, covered capital market, Analysed companies( Not that deepley as in CFA) journalistic standard, News Report writing.

Education: Graduate in Physics Hons

Age: 33

Q-I want to braek into equity research and I have a dilemma that will my all this experience lost or for what position should i consider before applying Entry level/ Senior Level?

Q-I don’t have any problem even if i join at entry level as i will be getting same salary as in Journalism which quite a low paying job in India

IQ- also plan to do Financial modelling but don’t have any idea about it. Will learning this improve my chances of job.

Q- Will my age and background be detrimental in changing the profession?

I am also ready to work overseas such as in middle east. How should i go about it methodically. I am not very ambitious and know i will not be getting any plum financial job just after passing CFA exam. But i have to start somewhere and that is very necessary for me. Guide me and if there is anyone from India working already in the finance sector, i request them to give proper advice to me. If i need to change my location from Delhi to Mumbai or Banglore???


Vikash Kumar


you da man bro. Keep pushing it to the limit.