I wish I would have....

done these CFA past exams earlier. Tonight I’m doing 2005. The rest of the week I’m pretty much off work. so tomorrow is 2006 and Wednesday 2007. When I’m not doing that it’s all review and memorization. Running tight on time, but I’ve done pretty much everything I could have up till now. Hopefully it’s going to be enough.

it will be

I def. wish I did more questions… Too late now… Lots of reviewing… Tomorrow is last day of work for the week.

yeah, me too MGG. Hopefully 3 days is enough!

…started earlier. Been more focused. You can never do enough for this. May 1 I looked at the calendar, my study plan, and though “now what will I do with all that free time in the last week”. Then everything took twice as long as I planned, and here i am just getting to full practice exams now. Oh well. Every year it’s like this, and somehow we all made it to level III. Good luck people!

I will do 2005, 2006 and 2007 tonight till morning. or at leat I will try! I wish I had done the end of reding poblems on CFAI books. I dont know how real examquestions would be similar, but today I ve seen especially in FI, that schweser asked similar ones in practice exams.

i wish i did sample exam earlier. They really test very very details. Now there is no time to remember them.