I wish that I was as cool as this guy

You know you’ve made it when you search for yourself on the internet, and this website shows up.


Is that guy in the photo the “unique chauffeur”? Because if he is, that is awesome! I know what I am doing when I go to Chicago for Thanksgiving. He better bring the guitar and gold chain, too.

Just saw the photo gallery. That first photo is classic. No shirt, belt unbuckled, snakeskin cowboy boots.

He looks like Rich Sambora

I note he has no photos of customers, satisfied or otherwise. What chances he hasn’t paid off the loan for his shiny vroom vroom?

I actually saw this guy randomly when I went to Chicago. He was in the Ferrari, and yes, he was by himself.

Maybe he doesn’t really want customers. Could just be a way to get a Ferrari and be able to deduct all your fuel, maintenance and depreciation as business expenses. If I remember the tax code correctly, he only needs to show a profit every few years to keep it going.